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Team Gundam Assault Squad

Join Our Group

So, you want to join Operation TGAS(Tear Gas), eh? Well, send us the below information and we'll see if we want you or not. Ok? Good.

RPG Name:
Mobile Suit:
Any Upgrades:
Job you want: (Choice of Agent[perform stealth operations for TGAS], hacker[hack into other organizations comps], progammer[program MS processors], mechanic[repair MS; Bonus: Repair your own MS for free!])
Partner You Want: (Choice of the following: Pikachu: electric powers, powers your mobile suit if additional supply is needed[gives speed to your mobiles suit]; Charmander: flame powers, gives you extra firepower[increases weapons' H% destruction by 5%]; Squirtle: water powers, allows your mobile suit to remain a well-oiled machine[prevents technical malfunctions]; Bulbasaur: leaf powers, provide your mobile suit with a back-up health supply[increase suit H% by 5%]).
Send all of the information to Make the subject "TGAS."