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RPG Rules

Guidlines to Follow
Please do not use profanity or make obscene gestures toward anyone else. Keep this site PG rated please.
This is not a site to start a romantic relationship. Please do not harass the members of the RPG in any way.
Feel free to promote the RPG, but please do not spam in the process.
If you do not participate for a week without first notifying the RPG Master of your future abscence, we will delete you from the members list. Once you have been deleted, you may join again, but your status will be reset. This is so that other people who wish to participate in the RPG can have a chance to join.
Please follow all rules as closely as possible, if one of the rules above is broken, you will receive two warnings, after that, we will be forced to cancel your participation in the RPG.

Rules within the RPG
All new members of the RPG choose a nationality(Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian). The number of Saiyans in the RPG will be limited to 10 because of their increased popularity.
You do not have a Gundam/mobile suit until you find your damaged mobile suit on the realm that it has been sent to. Once you reach a realm, you may leave a message saying that you are either training or looking for your mobile suit. You may only do one at a time. If you mobile suit is in the realm that you decide to look in, your mobile suit will be "given" to you via email. You must then get the mobile suit repaired. The realm of your mobile suit is predetermined and not affected in any way by your actions.
Major upgrades to a mobile suit may take place only after a positive rank change. Your mobile suit may not be converted from one type to another. i.e. If you have a Cancer, you may not make an upgrade that will make it efficient in both land and water. However, once your mobile suit becomes a Gundam type, it may have two efficiency types.
Upgrades to Gundam level may only be done by the Special Xtreme Gundam Connection Suppliers. Their prices(not real money) have been approved by the Trade Regulation Committee of Outer Space and the L7 Colony Cluster(suppliers of Gundam alloy).
There is a limit to how many models of each type are allowed. Only 10 mobile suits of a model may be built. Upgrades must differ from suit to suit. All upgrades must be approved by the Committee for Upgraded Suits.
All staged attacks must be on a particular area. Suit vs. Suit battles must be planned unless they occur during a massive battle. Spontaneous attacks on another suit are not allowed. A person may only attack another person if in the same realm, on the same constellation, or on the same planet.
If you decide to sell/trade in one of your upgrades, you may do so for 50% of the original value of your upgrade. If you trade in your TCC Arms, you have a voucher of $1,000 because the total original price of the arms was $2,000.

Rules Concerning Attacks and Learning Them
To learn an attack, go to the training board. Then, announce that you are going to learn such and such an attack. One of the rpg masters will verify your training. Once your training is verified, you are allowed to begin training. You progress will be tracked until you have reached the allotted amount of training time asigned to each attack.
You may only learn an attack if you are on the proper planet/realm/constellation.
If an attack is to be taught by someone else(form transformation for example), you must announce that you wish to learn that particular attack. The person responsible for teaching you will then contact you if he/she wishes to teach you.
Attacks learned in the Next Dimension are extremely hard to earn. Your chances of being sent to the Next Dimension are 1 to 5. So, for every five times you "die," you will be sent to the Next Dimension once(maybe).
You may only become the advanced form of your race(Saiyan, Earthling, Namekian) by learning special techniques in your life. After reaching a certain level(varies from race to race), you will be sent to the Realm of Shadows. Should Nataku choose to teach you "Form Transformation," you will be able to transform yourself at will between forms--Super Saiyan, Ultra Earthling, and Nuclear Namekian.

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