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Colony Resistance Restricted Facilities

Resistance Soldiers/Leaders/Members. Let us try to become the next Group of the Month!
Resistance News Bulletin:Resistance Members must check this often to see if they are being
summoned upon. Battle plans/dates are also posted here. Keep up!
Bulletin Post; 8/2/00; By: Secret Leader
Congratulations on a job well done, Trowa, Strife, and Angel. Each of you get a 1 and a half rank promotion. Each of you are 1st Captains now. Your mobile suits have been upgraded with Gundam thrusters. You may now travel at 10 times the speed of your previous thrusters.
Bulletin Post; 7/30/00; By: Secret Leader
Att. Strife Fokker, Trowa Barton, and Angel! If you would like full rank promotion plus a mobile
suit upgrade, you are to annihalate the mobile suits of the top three Oz pilots--Carter Tech, Hunter
Mcleod, and Zechs Merquise.
If you capture the base, you will receive a 1 and a half rank promotion and command of
the Kuwait base.

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