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Superior Mobile Suits, Inc.

Welcome to SMSI! We provide leading-edge technology in Mobile Suit armor and weapons. To purchase an item, please leave your order on the RPG Board(see main page) and be sure to include your member name. Remember, except for the processor chips and thrust, all of our parts come with wiring installed. Have a certified technician install the parts onto your mobile suit.
Titanium/Ceramic Composite Parts
Arm: $1000 | Leg: $5000 | Head: $15000 | Torso: $70000

Gundanium Parts
Arm: $5000 | Leg: $10000 | Head: $80000 | Torso: $500000

Weaponry Note: G Only means that the particular weapon can only be purchased for a Gundam mobile suit.
G ONLY: Beam Scythe | Twin Beam Scythe | Heat Rod/Whip | Buster Rifle | Dragon Fang | Buster Shield | Cloaking Device | Gundanium Blade(Knife) | Beam Glaive | Twin Beam Trident | Gatling Gun

Available to All: Beam Sword: $10,000 | Planetary Defender(1): $5,000 | Beam Gun: $7000; Cannon: $15000 | Micro-Missiles(5): $8000 | Torpedoes(5): $8000 | Chest Missiles(3): $20,000 | Mini-Gatling Gun: $30000 | Flame Thrower: $40000

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