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The RPG Battle System Version 1.5

When a fight is scheduled, the first to respond gets the advantage. He gets to attack first. After 24 hours, the second person gains the advantage, getting the cahnce to attack first. Every 24 hours, the advantage will change until a base/mobile suit runs out of Health Percentage(H%). The person being attacked gets one hour to counter or block his opponents attack; otherwise, the attack is considered successful.
Update Part:
The match will be over when a mobile suit's H% reaches 5% unless the pilot wishes to keep going. If a mobile suit's H% reaches 0%, the member will lose his/her mobile suit and must buy, I repeat BUY a new mobile suit. The attacker must stop all attacks if the opponent wishes to stop. If the attacker continues his attack, he risks being suspended from any battles for a period of time.
A referee has the right to declare a TKO should he see fit. Referees may also continually ask a pilot if he/she wishes to surrender.
Each mobile suit has a special H%. Upgrades add H% accordingly. (The upgrades currently listed are for Titanium/Ceramic Composite Parts.):
Mobile SuitH% Arm LegHeadTorso

Attack Stats are as follows:
Micro-Missile: 10%
Beam Rifle: 15%
Beam Rifle Charge Shot: 30%
Water-Surface-Air-Missile(WSAM): 25%
Conventional Bullet: 3%
Beam Sword: 20%
Torpedo: 10%

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