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Introduction to Gundam RPG
Welcome to the Gundam RPG! We opened on June 1, 2000. Nataku and I(Trowa) started this RPG because we didn't like many of the Gundam RPG's out on the web. Many were complicated or just plain silly. No plot, no reasonable way of playing, so we created Gundam RPG. I hope you like it!

The Gundam RPG Story
In the year After Colony 425, Earth and Space became involved in a massive war that wiped out 90% of mankind. In an effort to prevent a recreation of "The War," the leaders of the new world and space ordered all war technology to be destroyed. In a desperate attempt to keep space technology alive, Professor Radium, great, great grandson of the late Doctor J, hid the technology that had developed in the year AC 195, hoping that those who found it could make good use of it, without using it to create havoc. He hoped that the technology would be so primitive that mass destruction would be made impossible. If only he knew how wrong he was...
In the year After Colony 595, Space and Earth have been at peace for over 200 years, thanks to those who pilot superior mobile suits known as Gundams. In this time of peace, a powerful man whose identity has yet to be revealed began brewing trouble. He had found the designs hidden by Professor Radium. Obsessed with power and war, he provokes the organizations of the Earth. He resurrects the Oz and Alliance military organizations of AC 195. And along with the rebirth of these organizations, two colony groups arose to counter the opressive societies-- The Colony Coaltion and the Colony Resistance. These two space colony groups had access to Gundamanium alloy, a powerful metal that is practically indestructable. With Gundamanium alloy, they used the knowledge of their ancestors to create the primitive Gundam Mobile Suit. Now, in the year AC 625, Oz and the Alliance have finally clashed and are fighting for power in outer space. Will the Gundams save Earth and Space once more, or have the changed times corrupted the young men and women who now pilot the Gundams?

The Gundam RPG Team
Our RPG Team has 2 members Trowa and Nataku. There are also the leaders of the different organizations within the RPG, but they are not considered RPG Team Members as they do not run the bulk of the site. Feel free to e-mail us with any comments or suggestions that will help us improve the RPG!

All activities for the RPG are temporarily postponed   9.19.00; By Trowa Barton
Over the next few days, I will be transforming the RPG into a Gundam/Dragonball mix. I believe that this will make the RPG a little more interesting. So, the RPG will be temporarily stopped until the new rules are set into place. Won't be long though, I promise.
It's coming...   9.12.00; By Trowa Barton
It's coming! A new Gundam RPG. Bigger...Better...More Involved...More Info...More Interactivity! Get ready. Cuz it's coming!
An Update! Nataku and Trowa return!   8.29.00; By Trowa Barton
That's right. I'm finally back. I'm sorry I've neglected the RPG for so long! Now that Nataku has agreed to return, I'll have some help with the RPG. I might have some others helping me too. Endless Waltz is rumored to be appearing in October so I'm thinking about making a Gundam info page. Keep you posted on the RPG's new progress!
Rules Page Updated   7.31.00; By Trowa Barton
Due to certain circumstances and the appearance of TEARGAS, I had to update the rules. Please visit the rules page to find out what has changed.

Organization of the Month

Group of the Month:
Oz Military Organization
Successfully bringing down the Alliance to nothing more than a withering flower, Oz has managed to get itself ranked as the RPG's Organization of the Month
Rank of 5:

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Legal Note:
The owners of the Gundam RPG: Better Than Gundanium Alloy site have no ownership of the Gundam Wing/Mobile Suit Gundam or any other related name. Neither do we intend to infringe on copyrights. We merely want to enhance the enjoyment of Gundam Wing by letting web surfers take on the role of Gundam pilots. We only want to increase the popularity of Gundam Wing. We are in no way sponsored or affiliated with the Sotsu Agency, Sunrise, Cartoon Network, or any other company/individual owner of Gundam Wing and its registered trademarks.

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